TT Design Laboratory - Tatalab - is a company of independent architects who believe in the sustainable and meaningful development of urban areas.
Tatalab's projects encompass urban planning, urban complexes, mix-used projects, municipal buildings, offices, museums, educational centers and housing, as well as architectural art and design.

Architect, Founder of Tatalab - Takhmina Turdialieva

Architect with a proven academic and professional background, born in Uzbekistan, with work experience in China, Italy, and Uzbekistan. Received a number of academic and professional awards.

Experienced in large-scale, high-rise, complex projects, in all phases of producing schematic design, with a focus on detail development.

Highly interested in Urbanism, Sustainable and meaningful development of cities.

The range of interests is quite wide and flexible, which includes chess, dancing, pole-fitness, musical instruments, astrology so far. Dreaming of living a beautiful, eventful life and write it out as a memoir :)

Senior Architect - Egor Osokin

Architect with a proven academic and professional background, born in Uzbekistan, with work experience in the development of commercial and public buildings in the cities of Uzbekistan.

He has special abilities in solving technical and space-planning tasks.

Highly interested in the history of architecture and development of modernism in Uzbekistan.

Architectural Designer - Mirakbar Djuraev

Ambitious, creative, responsible, experienced architectural designer with high level of sociability.

Offering original ideas, non-standard approach when creating volumetric spatial structures in architecture, and volumetric planning structures in interior design.

Offer optimal creative solutions. Experienced in small team management.

Architect, Urban Designer - Aziz Khakimov 

An enthusiastic and highly motivated architect who loves to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Graduated Yeoju Technical University.  Won a full scholarship to study at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. Experienced in working with a complex projects, mixed-use and urban planning projects.

Has experience in managing a design studio.

Architectural Designer -Ildar Aliguliev

An ambitious and talented young architect interested in designing sustainable architecture and spaces.

Ildar strives to bring new and interesting solutions to projects while creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces that meet the needs and expectations of clients. He skillfully combines innovative ideas with a practical approach to achieve optimal results.

He successfully graduated from the University of Architecture in Tashkent in 2023.